New Hairstyle

So I haven’t posted since the honeymoon and I was inspired by Neels revival of the written word. So here I still waiting to get a drastic haircut. I need it. In fact I secretly want to go and become a redhead for a while. For now I am just going for a major cut 6-8 inches coming off.

After this a busy weekend, so sick of busy weekends , time for a relaxing one! Stacys shower tonight, and Marie’s (my cousin Paulie’s Fiancée) shower Sunday in MA/NH. Oh Well at least I look good.

Ran a 5K Xtreme Scramble last night in just over 33 minutes. Starting to build distance on my runs. Hope to run a 10 K by the end of the summer. Only 5 months till the Marathon!

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Honneymoon Day 1

So after a long hot flight, we arrived in Tuscany. My husband (still training myself to use that word) was near his breaking point when we finally arrived in Florence (Firenze) and we made the short drive to Montecatani Terme and arrived about 3:55 Italy time. We showered quickly (re:smelled french) and went down for a quick lay of the land tour of the town, and then spent a bit by the pool checking email and acclimating. Now we are at the 7PM welcome reception for our travel company , Club ABC Tours , enjoying a nice glass (or two ) of Procecco. I have to say …. Yum. Slightly tart and straight to the head. Or minds are awake, but our bodys are real tired. Left JFK at 9:20 PM landed in Rome at 11:45 local time. Then had to wait in a mind numbing line to go through security again (didn’t we do this at JFK) with multiple tools cutting in line because they were running late (so were we). Finally we get to the gate and catch our connection. Once in Florence I was utterly disappointed with hertz. I was told there was a gold counter , of which there was none. As a gold member, I was supposed to get an upgrade , I did not. Then I was told the car would be around in 10 minutes, and 25 minutes later still no car. Finally the car comes and we were off. We arrived in Montecatini Terme shortly there after.

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Account compromised

So yesterday, someone hacked into my Gmail account. They them proceeded to lock me out by changing my password and my password reset options. Next they send a cry for help email to everyone I had ever emailed and told them I had been robbed at gunpoint in London and desperately needed to borrow money to get home. With such a loving community, the calls , texts and emails (to my work address) started pouring in, to make sure I was OK. Other were contacting me to inform me I had been hacked. I even had a few concerned neighbors drop by to check on me. I froze the account within 2 his. It gets worse, this slim bag also used the account to reset the password on my facebook account and to post a cry for help on my wall. Now wait it gets EVEN worse, this scum actually went to far as to open Facebook chat sessions with my younger cousins and ask them to help by wiring money. Real piece of work.
So last night I was able to regain control of my gmail account to find that they had deleted all of my contacts (I have recovered them) and also set all incoming email to go to them (they created a yahoo account) and then to delete all the mail. After poking around my deleted messages, I found that this hacker was actively responding to emails and trying to push people to give him money. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh.
I have had a fine time traversing the internet changing all my passwords (just in case) and am secure again.

What a pain in the ass…..but on a sunnier note I realized how many people care. I even got a call from the owner of my hair salon last night… He said he thought it was a scam, but needed to check just in case. I’ve never even met this person an they were worried about me. I guess the world is not all bad.

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So today I ran for 20 minutes , then fast walked for 5 and then repeated it. Totalled about 4.4 Miles. After finishing I am achy. Knees feel achy, and during the last mile, I felt as though I needed to go potty. Now when I got home I am a bit bound. 🙁 This is the first time I have not felt good after a run. Its also the longest run to date. Last week I was running 3.6 miles and this week 4.4. I am following the regimen as notated in the non-runners guide to marathon training, but wonder if this week is just too much of an upgrade. I thought the rule was never to increase by more that 10% a week, yet this is a 30% increase. I will try the same again on Tuesday, and if I feel crappy again, I may do a hybrid for a week, maybe 17 or 18 min??? Maybe its just an off day. I am feeling less crappy the further I get from the run, but who knows.

On a somewhat related note, I went for my first dress fitting yesterday, and my work has paid off. It fits much better, looks much better, and actually needs to be substantially taken in. It was a very good feeling for me, and as luck would have it, no one rained on my parade or was a downer all day, so it was a good day all around.

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Been a while, but I have been running!

So I haven’t posted in a while, but rest assured, I have been running. If you follow me on facebook you would have seen that I have stayed on track. Last week I did three days of Run 10 Fast Walk 5 Run 10 Fast Walk 5 Run 10 Fast Walk 5. This week I did 4 runs of 15 Run 5 Fast Walk 15 Run 5 Fast walk. Up to 3.6 miles. I don’t love running yet, but I hate it less. No real weight loss, but definitely seeing more muscles. 🙂
Off to have Peking Duck!

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