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The Bride

New Hairstyle

So I haven’t posted since the honeymoon and I was inspired by Neels revival of the written word. So here I still waiting to get a drastic haircut. I need it. In fact I secretly want to go and become … Continue reading

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Honneymoon Day 1

So after a long hot flight, we arrived in Tuscany. My husband (still training myself to use that word) was near his breaking point when we finally arrived in Florence (Firenze) and we made the short drive to Montecatani Terme … Continue reading

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Account compromised

So yesterday, someone hacked into my Gmail account. They them proceeded to lock me out by changing my password and my password reset options. Next they send a cry for help email to everyone I had ever emailed and told … Continue reading

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So today I ran for 20 minutes , then fast walked for 5 and then repeated it. Totalled about 4.4 Miles. After finishing I am achy. Knees feel achy, and during the last mile, I felt as though I needed … Continue reading

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Been a while, but I have been running!

So I haven’t posted in a while, but rest assured, I have been running. If you follow me on facebook you would have seen that I have stayed on track. Last week I did three days of Run 10 Fast … Continue reading

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