Hi everyone! So I managed to injure my meniscus during that trail half marathon. It hurt whenever I tried to run or walk too much. Great ! I am really struggling this year. I didn’t fully realize all I lost when I was recovering from hip surgery. I forgot last time I was really fit all around. I did not just lose leg strength, I lost all over fitness and strength. Last time I had done P90x, and boot camp and was doing cardio kickboxing. This is going to be a really hard run for me. I tried to run a week ago ( 2 weeks post meniscus issue) and had to walk about a quarter if the way due to knee pain. I ordered a brave and will try again next week. I already know I will not be able to RUN this whole marathon, and feel bad for my running buddy, because I know she will stand by me. I am going to encourage beryl run on, as right now I am thinking I am going to do a 4:1 running ratio. I picked this up from the Galloway method. I will likely start doing walk .25 for every 1 mi I run and then will phase into run 4 min walk 1 min. (For those who do not know the Galloway method is one that is based on run walk intervals that produce respectable times. The 4:1 minute ratio can produce a 9 min mile, even run 30 walk 30 still produces 13 min mile (which is what I hope to achieve). Enough running talk for today.

So yesterday was my last work day till January 15, 2013!! In the time between then and now, I plan to drive from CT, to HHI, to Miami. I also will be spending a week in a class and taking ( and passing) the 7.5 hour FINRA Series 7 Exam. I will also run (and walk ) the 2013 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon! I really make good use of my vacation time huh? I look forward to this time every year. I set lofty goals and accomplish them and come back to work ready to take on the world! Here’s hoping 2013 will be a good one. I am great full that 2012 was great unevenly full year, and I was blessed with Heath and happiness myself and with all my friends and family!

If I do not post again in 2012, I wish all my followers a blessed Christmas Season with their loved ones and fantastic beginning of 2013.

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