Here we go, Here we go, Here we go again

So I haven’t posted in a while, but I have recovered from surgery and am running again. I started back up following the walk to run program documented in “The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer” . I felt good, and more importantly my hip felt good. So good in fact that I decided I would do the Disney Half marathon. I started poking around the RunDisney Facebook page and was totally sucked in my the 20th Anniversary bling. I looked at the half marathon medal and then saw the uber-dope 20th Anniversary full Marathon Medal. I then changed my mind and decided I would HAVE to do the full marathon, the medal was too dope. I then contacted my partner in crime, Katya, to see if she was up for another run, and of course , she too liked the bling. So began my plan to run Disney 2013.

On september 19th, I started week one of the 16 week training program as plotted in the “The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer

Below is my schedule. So far I have not missed a run and have managed to keep all my runs under a 12’00” average. I am hoping to complete the marathon with an average 13’00” mile average.

Week   Run 1   Run 2   Run 3    Run 4    Total Weekly

1             3mi     4mi       3mi        5mi        15mi

2             3mi     4mi       3mi         6mi        16mi

3             3mi     4mi       3mi        7mi         17mi

4             3mi     5mi       3mi        8mi         19mi

5             3mi     5mi       3mi        10mi       21mi

6             4mi     5mi       4mi        11mi       24mi

7             4mi     6mi       4mi        12mi       26mi

8             4mi     6mi       4mi        14mi       28mi

9             4mi     7mi       4mi        16mi       31mi

10           5mi     8mi       5mi        16mi       34mi

11           5mi     8mi       5mi        16mi       34mi

12            5mi     8mi       5mi        18mi      36mi

13            5mi     8mi       5mi        18mi      36mi

14            5mi     8mi       5mi        9mi        27mi

15            3mi     5mi       3mi        8mi        19mi

16            3mi     3mi       3walk     Marathon    35.2mi


So here I am in week 2, and I have to get out and cover 3 miles….see ya later!


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