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So its been a while…..I hurt my hip, and was forced to stop training. After I last saw the Orthopedic Surgeon, I learned that I had FAI (Femoroacetabular impingement), and a resulting torn Labral. Step one was to stop running and hope for it to heal. Along the way I was to try other types of cardio (biking, swimming, StairMaster, elliptical), and I tried each and every one, and it still hurt my hip……stupid hip!

Step two was surgery….just before Christmas I saw the doctor again and we decided it best to plan the surgery…first available time window was in February. So that is being dealt with.

No back to the marathon….I decided a few months ago, that I would do this marathon, even if I had to walk it (which does not hurt), I also decided I would hold off on trying to jog again till after Christmas. So keeping with my plan, I went out for my 1st run on Dec 27th. I felt good, and I had NO PAIN, 2.6mi. I ran the golf cart path and kept to the middle of the path to avoid any slopes So I decided to keep it up a bit. I took the next day off and then went out again for the same short run and felt great again. For my next run, I wanted to increase the distance slightly to ~ 3 miles and this time took to the road. About 1/4 mile in i felt my hip….not pain, but just a reminder twinge or two. It was not a surprise to me….I always assumed that the slope of the road was a contributing factor. So I moved my slow butt onto the grass for most of run and was just fine.

So here I am ~9 miles in the last month…and 26.2 ahead of me for Sunday. I have to say I was very nervous, but an feeling better knowing that I have support from both friends and complete strangers.

So tomorrow I will make the ~5 hr drive from Hilton Head down to Orlando, where my virtual training buddy, Katya, will be flying in. And this marks the start of Marathon Weekend! We have the Expo Saturday and the big race Sunday, followed by a nice relaxing day in one of the Parks Monday. Since she was not sidelined she is ready to run the whole thing…..I figure I will pace her for ~ the first 5-10 miles and then cheer her on as I drop to a brisk walk / run combo pace.

I have also found a few supporters online that have either been injured or were unable to complete their training for one reason or another and they have offered to pace with me while I walk….just for a single Facebook post I have two people who are in a similar boat as I am , I have a feeling I will be making lots of friends along the way, and be supported and provide support to many along the way.

Am I nervous…heck yes…and I worried I wont finish…heck no….My goal is to have a great time, gain a great memory and take lots of pictures along the way!

If your so inclined you can track my progress on race day at the following url:

Wish Me Luck!

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