Stupid Hip

So for about 2 months my hip has hurt, but up until last weeks run I would limp a bit when I got up, but then it would loosen up and be OK. I knew I needed to get it looked at , but I was able to still run, the first 1/2 mile was tough , but I was able to run. Since the bad snow run last Saturday, I cannot run and the hip hurts every day. I decided to take a Monday off, and then run Tuesday. Tuesday I went for a run and then pain never stopped , I made it 2 miles and had to quit. I need to run.

I saw a sports orthopedist that specialises in hips. He said it is either a labial tear with bursitis or a stress fracture. If its the former a cortisone shot will fix me, if the latter its just suffering till it heals. They need to do a MRI with contract to determine which it is, and of course thanks to the storm the scheduling for the MRI was delayed. I have an appointment next Wednesday for the MRI and then need to wait till the next Thursday to see the Dr again to get the MRI read. Boooooooooooooo

I decided I will rest the rest of this week and start to run again Monday even if I have to medicate to get past the pain!

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