Stupid Snow!

So today I was to do a 14 mile run. I woke up and had to slowly talk myself into prepping. I drank my XM+ and my cup of coffee, and then put in my contacts. Immediately I knew there was somrthing amiss with my left contact. It hurt…and it hurt so much I could not get it out. I finally removed it to find only 3/4 of the lens came out, and the rest was still in my eye causing pain and drama. With the help of a friend I finally flushed out the errant piece. All this before leaving for my run. I plotted my course and got dressed. I opted to skip the gloves and wear a shirt and jacket with thumb holes. I also had a bout of laziness and skipped putting out water and took a carry bottle with me. I knew I had a bottle at mile 3, and a store to grab water around mile 8.
And… I was off. At mile three I was warmed up nicely, and it started drizzling a bit then stopped. Then at mile four it started to sleet a bit then it stopped then around mile five the blizzard started. It was thick , wet and blinding. I kep going convincing myself it would pass. Once I figured it was here to stay I started to appreciate the beauty. Snow covered roads and no tire tracks… Just the tracks I was leaving 🙂
About mile 8 I was wet and cold…my toes were wet and numb, fingers ceased to exist (or so I thought). 🙁
I rounded the corner at mile 10 and I was miserable. I could barely keep jogging. I wanted to finish…I knew this was my home stretch. I just kept going. Then at Mile 12 I could not do it anymore. I called for a pickup. I was frozen…I had the energy to go, but was waaaaaaaay too cold. I was picked up at 12.46 miles.
I still consider it a sucess.

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