I am a Marathoner

So part of my training has me doing self talk during runs. My self talk speech is

I am a Marathoner. I love to run. I feel strong when I complete a run, and anticipate my upcoming runs. I love to run up hills and I feel strong when I run. I am a marathoner.

So I have been logging some serious miles lately, and I actually have some really great running days. I have some days I hate every minute of the run, but these are coming less and less.
I have been struggling with an ongoing hip issue, but feel like it is finally getting a little better, but I am still going to see the sports orthopedist on Friday.
Last week I ran four times (4 miles, 6 Miles, 4 Miles, and 12 Miles). I rand the 12 miler with my marathon partner Katya, and it was nice to see that despite training in different states, we are both about the same pace.

This week I have four runs to do as well (4 Miles, 6 Miles, 4 Miles and 14 Miles), today started the week by doing my first 4 miler, and plan to do a 6 mile run tomorrow.

I also received an awesome shirt today too…it says:

The Race is my Ball,
My Running Shoes are my Glass Slippers,
The Finish Line is my Prince Charming,
and the Accomplishment is my Happily Ever After.

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