Working my way up in Mileage

So I have begun taking this marathon more seriously. I went out to Fleet Feet in West Hartford, CT  and spent some time with the owner Stephanie. She did a very through assessment of my feet, my gait and my running patterns to help me understanding the best shoes for me to run in. It was amazing to see the difference in the angle at which your feet hit the ground , and how it changes based on the shoes you are wearing. I highly recommended that if you are in CT that you visit them for a formal fitting.

So I have been pushing my run mileage up a bit….I think I may try to tackle a 5 miler very soon. I have been consistently doing 3- 3.6 on my runs, and even have done a few 4 mile runs. I feel like I need to push myself or I will stay at 3-4 miles forever. I know not to push too hard….never more than a 10% increase in weekly mileage.

I also posted my race times so far….I’m getting a little better each time. I have also discovered that music REALLY effect pace.

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