New Hairstyle

So I haven’t posted since the honeymoon and I was inspired by Neels revival of the written word. So here I still waiting to get a drastic haircut. I need it. In fact I secretly want to go and become a redhead for a while. For now I am just going for a major cut 6-8 inches coming off.

After this a busy weekend, so sick of busy weekends , time for a relaxing one! Stacys shower tonight, and Marie’s (my cousin Paulie’s FiancĂ©e) shower Sunday in MA/NH. Oh Well at least I look good.

Ran a 5K Xtreme Scramble last night in just over 33 minutes. Starting to build distance on my runs. Hope to run a 10 K by the end of the summer. Only 5 months till the Marathon!

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