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So yesterday, someone hacked into my Gmail account. They them proceeded to lock me out by changing my password and my password reset options. Next they send a cry for help email to everyone I had ever emailed and told them I had been robbed at gunpoint in London and desperately needed to borrow money to get home. With such a loving community, the calls , texts and emails (to my work address) started pouring in, to make sure I was OK. Other were contacting me to inform me I had been hacked. I even had a few concerned neighbors drop by to check on me. I froze the account within 2 his. It gets worse, this slim bag also used the account to reset the password on my facebook account and to post a cry for help on my wall. Now wait it gets EVEN worse, this scum actually went to far as to open Facebook chat sessions with my younger cousins and ask them to help by wiring money. Real piece of work.
So last night I was able to regain control of my gmail account to find that they had deleted all of my contacts (I have recovered them) and also set all incoming email to go to them (they created a yahoo account) and then to delete all the mail. After poking around my deleted messages, I found that this hacker was actively responding to emails and trying to push people to give him money. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh.
I have had a fine time traversing the internet changing all my passwords (just in case) and am secure again.

What a pain in the ass…..but on a sunnier note I realized how many people care. I even got a call from the owner of my hair salon last night… He said he thought it was a scam, but needed to check just in case. I’ve never even met this person an they were worried about me. I guess the world is not all bad.

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