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So yesterday I went running in the rain…….and get this……I didn’t hate it. So I have been doing a great deal of reading about running online, and i know I enjoy getting outside, so I decided to train for a marathon. In characteristic Jessica style, I headed to my local Barnes & Noble , grabbed a stack of books and started reading up. I ended up getting a book and training plan (The Non Runner’s Marathon Trainer – Whitsett, Dolgener, and Kale). Up until now, my plan was to start at a mile, four times a week and increase by 10% each week till I was ready, tackling a few 5K’s and 10K’s along the way. This was working, but when I started looking at Marathon training schedule they were mostly time based, and did not seem to fit my style. They also all seemed to start with a base of a 5 mile run. If I could run 5 Miles I would not need help to train! LOL. So after starting to read this book , which is based on a cross curriculum college class (psychology/physiology) I decided this would be a good plan for me. The great part is that it has a nice achievable starting point, and a pre starting point for that! So once you start the full program it is 15 weeks from start to finish, with the finish being running a Marathon. The pre-starting section is 10 weeks, but I am starting at the 5 week part, since I do have some effort under my belt, in fact I am choosing a start level slightly below where I am right now. This week my plan has me going out three times, each time I am to run for 5 minutes, then fast walk for 5 minutes and then repeat this twice. Compared to what I had been doing (going out and running for 15 minutes (or 1.2 miles) and then walking for 2 minutes) this should be easy, but I felt that jumping forward a week (where I run for run for 10 , fast walk for 5, and repeat) would be too great a jump (READ: 10 % rule).

Also part of my Marathon therapy is choosing the Marathon I will run. I looked at Marathons that were at least 25 weeks (or 6.25 months) away. I also considered that I want to give myself some extra time, so I can not just complete, but compete, and I wanted something that would be fun. I thought about the New York Marathon, but figured I would not likely A) Get a spot in the registration Lottery, and B) Qualify with my speed. So logically I went for fun…..I have decided I will run in the Disney Marathon, which has you running through Disney, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney MGM. While you run all of the characters come out to cheer for you, and you get to go to the parks the next day for free. In addition, the registration for the event opens next Tuesday (March 15th). It seemed like fate. I will do my usual journey to HHI for Christmas and then drive a bit further and Run at Disney on run my first Marathon on January 8th.

So I just had my morning oatmeal, and will be heading out for my first run of the new program in about a half an hour. Keep an eye on my twitter or facebook, as I sync my runs with Nike+ and then it posts them there.

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