Just keep running, running, running

So when I am tried during a run, I chant to myself , Just keep running, running, running…in the same manner as Dory did in Finding Nemo. I also randomly chant it when thinking about running. I guess I am just goofy sometimes.
This week I followed the week five pre-marathon training program. I figured week 5 was closest to what I had been doing. So on Monday and Wednesday I Ran 5 minutes, then fast walked 5 minutes then repeated that 3 times for a 30 minute work out. It was 2.5 miles, and my fast walk was between 13’55” and 14’05” , then run varied between 9’35” and 10’12”

I am learning about pacing, and was surprised the workout it provided. Tuesday my butt muscles were sore 🙂
Tomorrow I have one more day of this workout and then next week I move to a run 10 min / Fast Walk 5 min x 2 regimen. 1 week down 20 weeks to go.

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