So today I ran for 20 minutes , then fast walked for 5 and then repeated it. Totalled about 4.4 Miles. After finishing I am achy. Knees feel achy, and during the last mile, I felt as though I needed to go potty. Now when I got home I am a bit bound. 🙁 This is the first time I have not felt good after a run. Its also the longest run to date. Last week I was running 3.6 miles and this week 4.4. I am following the regimen as notated in the non-runners guide to marathon training, but wonder if this week is just too much of an upgrade. I thought the rule was never to increase by more that 10% a week, yet this is a 30% increase. I will try the same again on Tuesday, and if I feel crappy again, I may do a hybrid for a week, maybe 17 or 18 min??? Maybe its just an off day. I am feeling less crappy the further I get from the run, but who knows.

On a somewhat related note, I went for my first dress fitting yesterday, and my work has paid off. It fits much better, looks much better, and actually needs to be substantially taken in. It was a very good feeling for me, and as luck would have it, no one rained on my parade or was a downer all day, so it was a good day all around.

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