So I decided last year I would take up running. It was a necessary part of Triathlon training, but I never really trained, I just ran and walked, and that was all. I ran most of the 5K in the Tri, and then this December, I also did a stand alone 5K, which I did in about 34″ which was not bad. I walked a little, but now I am targeting a different beast, a sprint Duothon. Run 2 Miles, Ride 10 Miles and Run another 2 Miles. I intended to Run all of it. Following training guidelines, I am fully running 1 mile a day this week. Next week I will increase by 10% and continue for the upcoming weeks till I can do the 5K and the Dualthon at a full run. I am also doing , about 4 miles on the bike after my runs, so as to keep the training going in the right direction.

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