Sore Shoulders

So I downloaded a new tracking sheet for P90x Lean program and updated all of my workouts. I realized that I basically had taken a number of days out doing other exercises. In fact I ran 5K in 27 degree weather, and finished in under 35 minutes. So I decided to go back and do week 4 again, which started with what is hands down the hardest workout for me … Yoga X. It is a grueling 90 minute workout that is hell on the shoulders and core. I did that workout Sunday and here I am on Tuesday and my shoulders still hurt. I persevered yesterday and did the Core Synergistics, and tonight after I digest my dinner a bit I will go down and do Kenpo X. Alas , I just realized that I have to do the Yoga X AGAIN this week. 🙁
Tomorrow, will be a busy day…Driving to MA…. Starting a new job…..and seeing Tron.

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