One more step forward

Today I awoke with a stiff back and sore shoulders and arms dreading the 1.5 hr P90x workout that is scheduled for today. I have attempted the YogaX workout on a few other occasions and have failed to make it past the 45 minute mark. I decided to take the advice on the workout disk and take breaks as needed. This actually worked well, since I was doing it between meetings. It was a very tough regimen, but I fell like I got a great workout, and will likely be sore tomorrow.  Along the way I was very busy and didn’t really east much and what I did eat was healthy. Breakfast was a whole grain tortilla with PB. Lunch was my new favorite food Edemame Salad, and dinner was Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, Polenta with sauteed Mushrooms and onions, and a nice green salad.

My tip of the day is water , water , water. I am getting my 8 bottle (24 oz reusable bottle) a day habit!

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