Feel like a new stage is beginning

So I was told I got my new job, I unofficially start on Dec 1 (Wed) and officially start on Dec 15. Tomorrow I have to start getting my transition in order, and start prepping for the new role. I know there is going to be a great deal of learning to ramp up. I have started doing some preliminary reading and it is going to be a great deal more technical than my current role. I will also be on the inside again, no more rich expense account and extravagant customer meals. On the flip side, I can be clear and honest, and feel good about what I am selling and making.
Although I was lax on my blogging, I did workout ever day. Yesterday was my P90x day off, so I opted to jog to my moms and back rather than drive to help her find some things online. Today started the 3rd week of P90x and the workout was Plyometrics, which seemed oddly bearable in comparison to previous times. I feel stronger, and my legs look great, I just need to find a way to lose the tummy and love handles naturally or medically. 🙂
This week will be interesting as I travel to D.C Monday night, so I will need to workout early, and then will need to bring the disks with me for Tuesday and Wednesday, and then do my Thursday workout when I get home Thursday night. I have decided that no matter how late, I get my workout done. In fact the other night I did my workout at 10 PM and then showered and went right to bed, and felt better for having done so.
The long weekend was a great refresh, and I feel recharged for this new stage of my career.

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