New Year New Me

Welcome to 2014.

Since my last post a lot has happened. I left IBM after 10 years, relocated to the pan handle of Florida, started a new exciting job, and gained a ton of weight during the transition.

New me for 2014

Last week at the urging of my marathon partner I started running again, and managed to log a 2.2 mile run and a 4 mile run, and this week I started a new diet that has the promise to help me drop a healthy amount of weight relatively quickly. Before the comments abound, I know that it took me a long time to gain it and will take just as long if not longer to lose it, but I wanted a good kick start, and this will help me shrink my physical stomach (e.g. reduce consumption) and hopefully give me a loss to motivate me.

I am generally not one to follow the latest FAD diets, but I have three friend that have been wildly successful with this particular system, so I figured , why not. I will refrain from mentioning the program / company itself until I have see the effects myself, but will definitely share if I find it works and is not just another snake oil scheme.

The diet has different days or phases that comprise of cleanse days and non cleanse days. Day one is a non-cleanse day and will end at 1400 calories intake. My husband is lovingly calling it a starvation diet… be it…I have committed to do 22 days of this system and see where it leaves me…….I definitely know I will not starve……my body can survive on my fat stores for at least 2-3 months…lol

Todays schedule is as follows:



Upon Waking a shot of Superfuit and Mineral juice


Morning – Breakfast Shake : 2 Scoops with 10 oz water and Ice

1 Supplement Capsule

Late Morning – Snack 100 Calorie Snack

Glasses Water

Early Afternoon – Lunch Shake : 2 Scoops with 10 oz water and Ice

1-2 Glasses water

Mid Afternoon – Snack 100 Calorie Snack

1 Supplement Capsule

1-2 Glasses Water

Evening – Dinner Healthy 400-600 Calorie Meal

1 Supplement Capsule

Late Evening – Bedtime 1-2 Fiber Capsules

So far my first snack I chose half a bag of  ‘Just Strawberries and Bananas’  – freeze dried strawberries and bananas, which was tasty.

So feedback so far:

I don’t find myself hungrty yet, but I have been peeing like crazy and find that I am feeling cold. I have been told that some people feel cold as the body flushes out the impurities, so be it.

The plan for the rest of the day a snack of 18 cheese-Its in a little while and the following for dinner:

  • Chicken Breast cooked with McKormick Monterey Chicken seasoning : 120 Calories
  • 2 Cups of Roasted Broccoli (roasted with 1/2 tbsn olive oil and Garlic and Cayenne) : 120 Calories
  • Quinoa (1/4 cup pre cooking) cooked with rehydrated european dried mushrooms and 1/2 tbsn Olive Oil : 255 Calories
  • Whole Wheat Pita : 100 Calories

Total Meal : 595 Calories

So far I feel good, but I am definitely looking forward to dinner. I can tell you from smell, what everyone in the office has eaten today, and my office mate had some tasty smelling french fries…..but just like quitting smoking I have to do this in a world where temptation exists. Also in correlation to the way I quit smoking, I have to do it with my husbands support…I just cannot do this if he is noshing on a cheeseburger….so he is doing the diet too.  I love my hubby!


I truly believe it will be really good for us, we are in a reboot with the move and the job changes, why not associate this new year and new life in 2014 with a healthier happier us. We can have the beach bodies and what better place to do it than on an island with beaches on all sides!

I will try to update this on a daily basis , but for the few of you that have read my blog in the past …there may be gaps. Honestly I don’t think there are many readers, but I view this of more like a digital journal that people may stumble upon so be it. It is my personally accountability, but I do welcome support and feedback.

Now lets raise a glass of water to 2014……did I mention I have to drink a gallon of water a day?!?!


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Hi everyone! So I managed to injure my meniscus during that trail half marathon. It hurt whenever I tried to run or walk too much. Great ! I am really struggling this year. I didn’t fully realize all I lost when I was recovering from hip surgery. I forgot last time I was really fit all around. I did not just lose leg strength, I lost all over fitness and strength. Last time I had done P90x, and boot camp and was doing cardio kickboxing. This is going to be a really hard run for me. I tried to run a week ago ( 2 weeks post meniscus issue) and had to walk about a quarter if the way due to knee pain. I ordered a brave and will try again next week. I already know I will not be able to RUN this whole marathon, and feel bad for my running buddy, because I know she will stand by me. I am going to encourage beryl run on, as right now I am thinking I am going to do a 4:1 running ratio. I picked this up from the Galloway method. I will likely start doing walk .25 for every 1 mi I run and then will phase into run 4 min walk 1 min. (For those who do not know the Galloway method is one that is based on run walk intervals that produce respectable times. The 4:1 minute ratio can produce a 9 min mile, even run 30 walk 30 still produces 13 min mile (which is what I hope to achieve). Enough running talk for today.

So yesterday was my last work day till January 15, 2013!! In the time between then and now, I plan to drive from CT, to HHI, to Miami. I also will be spending a week in a class and taking ( and passing) the 7.5 hour FINRA Series 7 Exam. I will also run (and walk ) the 2013 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon! I really make good use of my vacation time huh? I look forward to this time every year. I set lofty goals and accomplish them and come back to work ready to take on the world! Here’s hoping 2013 will be a good one. I am great full that 2012 was great unevenly full year, and I was blessed with Heath and happiness myself and with all my friends and family!

If I do not post again in 2012, I wish all my followers a blessed Christmas Season with their loved ones and fantastic beginning of 2013.

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Thanksgiving and Sore

Hello Everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am thankful for the love and support of my family (official and unofficial). I am also deeply thankful for the US troops around the world who risk their lives everyday for my freedoms.

So this week has been one of many workouts. We flew from CT to SC on Friday Nov 16 arriving at my husbands family home just after 1am, and I layer out my running gear and quickly went to sleep so I could wake up at 4 to drive out to Beaufort, SC to run a Half Marathon at the Mad Marsh Ultra.
It was a very cool experience, trekking out early in the morning to run in a strange place with strangers. The drive out was beautiful….I do not think I have ever seen so many stars. Passing Parris Island during per dawn was awe inspiring. When I arrived we were lead down a dark path to an open field, where I parked and picked up my packet. Lots of headlamps and flashlights, and all those marvelous stars! The race was an ultra marathon with options to do a half, full or ultra distance, and I was here to do the half. It would be my 1st race offload on trails, and was also going to be my longest distance since hip surgery in Feb. it was honestly one of the hardest runs I have ever done, and I did take quite a few walk breaks. I also realized that the loops were plotted to be 4.5 miles but were closer to 4.6-4.7 in practice , and as such I ended up running ~14 miles! I was at the end with less than a mile to go, and felt near collapse, when a fellow runner came up from behind and asked how I was. I stated I was really glad it was almost over because I was dying. He responded with “I know….I pulled my groin last week and just caught my foot on a root which exacerbated it……and I still have a half marathon left to do. ” not complaining, just going on. So of course , I picked up tempo and finished strong. It was really hard and a give a lot of credit to trail runners….it’s hard work!!! This race was so great…I small crowd (~35 racers). But it was a very well run race and I would recommend this to anyone in the area next year!

I finished in 2:58, stretched, snaked a bit, then got in the car to head back…dirty, sore but happy!

I felt awesome (aside from being stupid sore). I definitely worked outmuscled that had previously been in hiding, and my IT band reminded me it was there and was unhappy.

Back at my mother-in-laws she told me that there was a Turkey Trot in the plantation on Thanksgiving , if I was interested. I pondered it.

On Monday, I went beyond pondering to investigation and found there was a 5K and 10K offering, and everyone gets a medal. (In case you did not know I am a sucker for Bling), and even convinced my husband, who has never gone more than 2.5 miles, and has never run anywhere expect the treadmill to join me.

Tuesday I knew I needed to log 4 miles to stay on path with my training, and he decided he needed to be sure he could do it, so I plotted us some courses (4 for me, 3.1 for him) and we went out for a run. I was sucking wind and sore, and had to walk a few times. This Turkey Trot was going to be a nightmare!

So this morning we woke up early and headed over to the starting line. The started the race and a mere .5 mile in I tapped my husband on the shoulder and waved…..there was no way I could keep up with his pace and finish 10K. I also forgot to charge my phone and forgot my earbuds. This would be a REALLY long run. As I approached the 5K turnaround point I caught sight of my husband, so I bursted up to say Hi and cheer him on. Then I continued on with the surprisingly spare crowd of 10K’ers. I was luckily to encounter a mother and daughter that was running a pace similar to me. They “adopted” me and keep me going even when I was ready to walks bit, because they were willing to wait for me. As a result I never stopped or walked, and even had a nice burst at the finish. I finished up at ~1:10.

I am now really body tired, but totally read for some Turkey!

The fun part is that I fly home tomorrow at 6:30 am which means we have to leave around 4:30 am, and I have to run 14miles Saturday as a training run, and then fly to Japan Sunday.

SLEEP…..What is this SLEEP you speak of?

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Here we go, Here we go, Here we go again

So I haven’t posted in a while, but I have recovered from surgery and am running again. I started back up following the walk to run program documented in “The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer” . I felt good, and more importantly my hip felt good. So good in fact that I decided I would do the Disney Half marathon. I started poking around the RunDisney Facebook page and was totally sucked in my the 20th Anniversary bling. I looked at the half marathon medal and then saw the uber-dope 20th Anniversary full Marathon Medal. I then changed my mind and decided I would HAVE to do the full marathon, the medal was too dope. I then contacted my partner in crime, Katya, to see if she was up for another run, and of course , she too liked the bling. So began my plan to run Disney 2013.

On september 19th, I started week one of the 16 week training program as plotted in the “The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer

Below is my schedule. So far I have not missed a run and have managed to keep all my runs under a 12’00” average. I am hoping to complete the marathon with an average 13’00” mile average.

Week   Run 1   Run 2   Run 3    Run 4    Total Weekly

1             3mi     4mi       3mi        5mi        15mi

2             3mi     4mi       3mi         6mi        16mi

3             3mi     4mi       3mi        7mi         17mi

4             3mi     5mi       3mi        8mi         19mi

5             3mi     5mi       3mi        10mi       21mi

6             4mi     5mi       4mi        11mi       24mi

7             4mi     6mi       4mi        12mi       26mi

8             4mi     6mi       4mi        14mi       28mi

9             4mi     7mi       4mi        16mi       31mi

10           5mi     8mi       5mi        16mi       34mi

11           5mi     8mi       5mi        16mi       34mi

12            5mi     8mi       5mi        18mi      36mi

13            5mi     8mi       5mi        18mi      36mi

14            5mi     8mi       5mi        9mi        27mi

15            3mi     5mi       3mi        8mi        19mi

16            3mi     3mi       3walk     Marathon    35.2mi


So here I am in week 2, and I have to get out and cover 3 miles….see ya later!


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Counting down to Disney

So its been a while…..I hurt my hip, and was forced to stop training. After I last saw the Orthopedic Surgeon, I learned that I had FAI (Femoroacetabular impingement), and a resulting torn Labral. Step one was to stop running and hope for it to heal. Along the way I was to try other types of cardio (biking, swimming, StairMaster, elliptical), and I tried each and every one, and it still hurt my hip……stupid hip!

Step two was surgery….just before Christmas I saw the doctor again and we decided it best to plan the surgery…first available time window was in February. So that is being dealt with.

No back to the marathon….I decided a few months ago, that I would do this marathon, even if I had to walk it (which does not hurt), I also decided I would hold off on trying to jog again till after Christmas. So keeping with my plan, I went out for my 1st run on Dec 27th. I felt good, and I had NO PAIN, 2.6mi. I ran the golf cart path and kept to the middle of the path to avoid any slopes So I decided to keep it up a bit. I took the next day off and then went out again for the same short run and felt great again. For my next run, I wanted to increase the distance slightly to ~ 3 miles and this time took to the road. About 1/4 mile in i felt my hip….not pain, but just a reminder twinge or two. It was not a surprise to me….I always assumed that the slope of the road was a contributing factor. So I moved my slow butt onto the grass for most of run and was just fine.

So here I am ~9 miles in the last month…and 26.2 ahead of me for Sunday. I have to say I was very nervous, but an feeling better knowing that I have support from both friends and complete strangers.

So tomorrow I will make the ~5 hr drive from Hilton Head down to Orlando, where my virtual training buddy, Katya, will be flying in. And this marks the start of Marathon Weekend! We have the Expo Saturday and the big race Sunday, followed by a nice relaxing day in one of the Parks Monday. Since she was not sidelined she is ready to run the whole thing…..I figure I will pace her for ~ the first 5-10 miles and then cheer her on as I drop to a brisk walk / run combo pace.

I have also found a few supporters online that have either been injured or were unable to complete their training for one reason or another and they have offered to pace with me while I walk….just for a single Facebook post I have two people who are in a similar boat as I am , I have a feeling I will be making lots of friends along the way, and be supported and provide support to many along the way.

Am I nervous…heck yes…and I worried I wont finish…heck no….My goal is to have a great time, gain a great memory and take lots of pictures along the way!

If your so inclined you can track my progress on race day at the following url:

Wish Me Luck!

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